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About Horizon Innovations

We treat your name like it was our name.

At Horizon Innovations, we know that the world is changing – new technologies, disciplines, companies and job descriptions are springing up every day. Today’s top jobs didn’t exist five years ago. Tomorrow, we’ll be looking for talent to fill positions that haven’t yet been imagined, and competing for talent with new types of employers and industries.

Choosing to outsource core functions like sales and marketing is a serious, often make-or-break decision. As a result, you need an outsourced company with serious experience. Other outsourcing firms have tried to emulate our one-of-a-kind model, but our skilled people and breadth of knowledge cannot be duplicated.


Nora Su- President

Nora was born in Taipei, Taiwan. She moved to greenfield, ma when She was 13. Eventually, She graduated top of her class from university of Washington in Seattle with the degree in economics. She got into the business solely for the advancement opportunity but fell in love with the business because of the work environment and the sole focus on developing other people.  Since opening her branch in Jacksonville, Nora has consistent ran the top office for her client. The goal for this year is provide 3 more people with the same opportunity that was given to her.

Christopher Healy- Manager, Business Division

Christopher moved to Florida in 2009 from Buffalo, NY. Once finishing his forensics degree he decided that he would rather take the business route. He is in this business for the opportunity to train and develop budding entrepreneurs. The attraction to the position for him was the upward mobility and how Horizon only hires managers 100% from the inside. When he is not working you can catch him talking about the Buffalo Bills, even in the off-season or playing music on his guitar. Both of which he takes very seriously!

Vanessa Valenza- Office Manager

Vanessa was born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin and will talk about her home state any chance she gets. After moving to Milwaukee to earn her cosmetology license, she started working in retail part time. Through her dedication and strong work ethic, Vanessa was quickly promoted into management and was recruited by many retail stores. Deciding to take on a new challenge, she moved to Florida and started at Horizon Innovations in late August of 2014. She enjoyed the customer service aspect of the position without the sporadic work hours she was used to in retail. You can find Vanessa exploring Jacksonville or taking advantage of the Florida weather and brunching on the beach.

Eric Dickson- Sr. Corporate Trainer

Eric Dickson is an avid Florida State fan that grew up in Gulf Breeze, Florida. During his time at FSU he played for the Marching Chiefs as a member of their drum line. He moved out to Colorado after college and became a head chef at Vail Resorts. He has a love of adventure and loves to snowboard, play paintball and explore new restaurants. You can find Eric in his free time spending time with his dog Colby and his girlfriend.  Eric started with Horizon Innovations for the opportunity available and because he could tell that this was a company that cared about his future. So far he’s enjoyed how much fun the journey to success has been.

Heather Curry- Human Resources

Heather is a Michigan native who moved down to Florida back in 2004 with her mother to help take care of her grandparents. In retrospect, she was happy she made the move after being accepted to the University of Florida in 2008. She started out her journey at UF with a pre-med focus like many, but eventually made the transition into the College of Journalism where she received her Bachelor of Science in Advertising and her minor in Business Administration. Heather started at Horizon Innovations back in October of 2014 looking for an upbeat, family environment she had become accustomed to during her time in the retail industry. She has a love of all four-legged creatures and spends most of her free time with her kitten, Jojo.

Joe Lasala- Sr. Corporate Trainer

Joe is originally from Spring Hill, FL where he was born and raised. Soccer has been Joe’s bread and butter since a young age and had the opportunity to play collegiality at Flagler College while studying Business. He feels horizon Innovations has the locker room type of atmosphere he’s used to from his athletic background and challenges his everyday to become better. In his spare time, he enjoys an early morning round of golf and days at the beach.


Horizon Innovations is an innovative marketing firm that embraces the entrepreneurial mindset and drives employee empowerment. We feel that it is our duty to provide a fair advancement opportunity to all employees within the company. That is why we have in place a management in training program. Our program is results driven and committed to unleashing our employees’ potentials.

Client Service | Corporate Responsibility | Operational Excellence


Since our team acts seamlessly as your sales force there is no more important brand image in our mind than that of our clients. We work tirelessly to make sure your sales team is managed to represent your brand in a way that will make you proud to call us a partner. We know that combining the right people with sound intelligence and flawless execution ensures the most successful outsourced results.


With these changes in mind, our goal is simple: to continue to attract and retain the world’s best talent. Horizon innovations is a perfect combination of innovative ideas, superb client service and successful business professionals. We believe that the quality of a business depends upon the quality of its people with varying backgrounds, resources, and skills.


Our philosophy of 100% internal merit based promotion guarantees that we are able to offer career opportunities and the growth potential to realize career goals to people of all backgrounds. An ideal candidate would be a success-oriented and self-motivated individual with a strong desire to advance quickly in a high-energy, professional environment. We will provide full training in sales, marketing, public relations and team management.