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Keeping our client impressed starts with having a top notch team to handle their needs. At Horizon Innovations, we’re committed to providing skills and career development.

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At Horizon Innovations, we find that by providing skill development and a place to learn, our team is able to over deliver results for our client. Not only does the client benefit, but each individual member of the team does as well. We coach on goal setting, leadership skills, client management, and more.

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Our comprehensive training program allows for consistent training and a safe environment to develop new skills. We encourage each member of the team to meet with others and our management team so that they can learn quickly.


After a team member has proven capability of working with our client and shown true knowledge of the processes at Horizon Innovations, they earn the privilege to coach other members of the team. Our management team also provides personalized coaching to each team member as well.


Recognition for hard work is integral to working at Horizon Innovations. We track each members progress with our client as well as metrics regarding training and developing other members of the team to award those for their hard work.


Our work environment is a platform for leadership opportunities. Each week, team members have the ability to practice public speaking and aspects of running a team and company.

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